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Finding Creative Inspiration

Finding Inspiration in Troubling Times

In the depths of troubling, disturbing times, finding inspiration feels hopelessly overwhelming.  Darkness is casting its troubling shadow around the world.  There are so many things to be upset and concerned about – So much anger – So much violence – So much distrust –  So much frustration – So much division –  So much […]

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Ready for Exhibition

Creative Block: My Frozen Pile

My Creative Block, My Fierce Inner Critic usually shows up when I’m wearing too many hats and just squeezing in studio time between all the other demands of a wonderfully full and rich life.  It happens when I am worn down and bone tired.  When “The Funk” malaise settles in and my creativity becomes frozen. The voice of […]

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Heidi Darr-Hope featured on SCETV's Original SC

SCETV: Original SC – Portrait of an Artist

Creating a 5 minute video portrait that sums up an artist’s work is not an easy task!   The creator of the SCETV series Original SC, Tabitha Safdi, does an extraordinary job of it.  I received an email from Tabitha the very first day of December. She had gotten wind of Healing Icons 20th Anniversary and […]

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From our State Paper, an article featuring Vista Studios 25 anniversary.

Making Room for Art: Thank You Vista Studios

Vista Studios is my saving grace. There is no place like it.  In one stop, you can find 12 extraordinarily dedicated and talented artists.  We are multi-generational, men and women working in a variety of mediums. Having a studio there for almost 25 years, has afforded me two yearly exhibition opportunities – April’s Artista Vista and November’s Vista […]

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Me and My O'Keeffe Shoes

Creative Musings: Shoes for O’Keeffe

2015 marks the year! 100 years ago Georgia O’Keeffe was a professor of art at Columbia College.  She was a focused and self-supporting twenty-eight year old when she arrived in Columbia, SC.  It is here where she planted the seeds for her mature abstract expressionist style.  My community is celebrating her creative period at Columbia College with […]

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